So, what’s up with the CSI website?

Ah, good question. It’s a long and winding story (I want to save the details for my presentation at the upcoming meeting). In short, we will move into a new environment relatively soon, with the courtesy of AGCommons. The current platform at CGNet doesn’t really support what we need.. The choice of CMS will likely to be Joomla, instead of Drupal (another story). I’ll give a short demonstration/training on this at the meeting.

In the mean time (and possibly even after the migration process), the CSI’s sub-websites are still functioning at where they are:

The meeting websites are already setup outside at the Google Apps:

And, don’t forget that we have a new mailing list at the Google Groups:

Anyhow, all the server complications shouldn’t stop us blogging here – so hope you all enjoy this new space. Let’s get mingle here!


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