Google SMS in Uganda


Today, Google Africa announced their launch of Google SMS in Uganda, which provides  a bundle of mobile services that allow users to access content on a range of topics, including traditional services such as sports scores and local news and also health and agriculture tips.

We are also launching Google Trader, a SMS-based “marketplace” application that helps buyers and sellers find each other, enabling greater access to markets and trade, especially for those who are most excluded today. With these services, we hope to help alleviate some of the information and access to markets barriers for the poor, especially those in rural areas. So, when farmers in Iganga want to sell their maize, they can list their crop on Google Trader and a miller in another trading center can find and contact them to buy their goods.

And, they also stated that (listen up, market price modeling team!):

We hope these services will help a variety of organizations already doing impressive work to reach a broader audience and those with the greatest need, in new and innovative ways, through the mobile phone. This is the first of many exciting, collaborative efforts we will be working on to support access to information in Uganda and more broadly, across Africa. So to everyone who participated in this effort, we say Webale Nyo!

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Official Google Africa Blog: Google SMS to serve needs of poor in Uganda

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