GIS training on the road

IFPRI’s magazine, INSIGHTS, features a story of Emily Schmidt – who’s been working with Ethiopia’s Central Statistical Agency (CSA) to train statisticians across the country to use GIS for analyzing and visualizing the agricultural statistics data they produce. The close collaboration enabled CSA to produce their own series of atlases over the years. Now the successful training program is being expanded to Malawi and Mozambique.

On the Road | IFPRI Insights MagazineIn a vast, rapidly developing country like Ethiopia, data-about everything from literacy rates to the number of flour mills-is essential to policymaking. For the country’s Central Statistical Agency (CSA) and its regional branches, translating mountains of raw data into useful information to support policymaking in a timely manner is a major task.

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Central Statistical Agency of Ethiopia – Atlases IFPRI’s Ethiopia Strategy Support Program – Knowledge Sharing


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