Presentations at the Global Land and Poverty Summit 2010


In September, Esri organized the Global Land and Poverty Summit 2010 in Washington, DC, focusing on “…how to use geographic technology to help solve diverse problems faced by the poor and to create low-cost, practical solutions for healthy, sustainable societies.”

As announced at the earlier AAGW 2010, CGIAR-CSI led an agriculture-themed session called “Dirt Poor: Seeking Solutions to Poverty from the Ground Up“, together with USDA-ERS. We collectively made three presentations that largely encompassed recent research highlights:

  • Prioritizing, Targeting and Monitoring Science, Technology and Policy Options For Poor Smallholders Examples from the CGIAR – Chris Legg (GLCI), Lieven Claessens (CIP), Mario Herrero (ILRI), Philip Thornton (ILRI), and Stanley Wood* (IFPRI)
  • Payments for Wildlife Conservation (PWC) and Poverty in East African Rangelands – Philip Osano* (ILRI), Jan de Leeuw (ILRI), Mohammed Said (ILRI), Shem Kifugo (ILRI), Dickson Kaelo (Basecamp Foundation), Norbert Henniger (World Resource Institute), Katherine Homewood (University College London)
  • Seeing is Believing: Very High Resolution for Smallholders in West Africa – Pierre Sibiry Traore* (ICRISAT)

Overall the session was very well received, and we impressively (as usual) showcased our colleagues’ hard work on this area. You can take a look at (or download) the presentations at

Sincere thanks (and big cheers) to everyone for attending/contributing/supporting the event!

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