Re: 2010 Africa Agriculture GIS Week – Navigating the Change

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Dear All,

Thanks a lot to Stan for the introduction and warm welcome back to the CSI community. I am really happy and excited that I have the opportunity to work with you all again, as I find the CSI community to be one of the most vibrant and active ones in the CGIAR.

So in the run up to the AAGW I plan to be communicating with all of you to share what we are planning and to give support on making this an event which is fruitful for all.

As Stan indicated in his email, we are working on the agenda for the week and details of the various sessions. Wednesday is dedicated to CSI and to hearing all about what you have been doing, achieving and learning. Given the time in which we find ourselves, we thought we would use the time and space together to look at ‘navigating the change’ as a theme. In this way we would like you all to target your presentations towards this theme, using the guidelines provided(find attached again).

In short the presentations should give us:

  • headlines of what has been done and achieved—things that will be useful for others as well as tools, methods, ideas which could be offered to future megaprograms, partners and other efforts
  • an advertisement for your unit, your services, your ideas etc—what could be offered as services (what have you already been asked to do for megaprograms or other new CGIAR structures?)
  • and a Centre page spread on what your thoughts and ideas for the future of CSI units and the overall CSI could/should be-what could such services look like?

We don’t want just a blanket report on any- and everything that has been done in your centre. We hope that you will think carefully about what you present in light of the changes we are all going through with the new CGIAR and what things can be useful for taking forward on this journey. I hope that it is clear. I am happy to answer any questions, provide ideas for presentation formats etc, review presentations, discuss and more—please feel free to contact me.

Also as usual the week will offer many opportunities for sharing, and we would like to invite you to bring posters and other materials you may have which can be displayed as part of other activities during the week.

I look forward to working with you all again and seeing you soon at the AAGW meeting in Nairobi.


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