“Time to model all life on Earth” – Agriculture?

A recent Nature Comment article discusses the need for developing GCM-like General Ecosystem Models (GEM) to simulate whole ecosystems. The article also introduced few prototypes already being developed, including the Madingley Mondel¬†that the lead author’s institute, Microsoft Research, is developing in collaboration with UNEP¬†World Conservation Monitoring Centre (UNEP-WCMC).

The article suggests “… coupled with models from other fields, such as economics and epidemiology, they could offer a means of managing human actions and the biosphere in an integrated, consistent and evidence-based way.” This, of course, should apply to the agricultural activities and their interactions with the large ecosystems and their services. Speaking of which, ins’t it also “Time to model all agriculture on Earth” (General Agroecosystems Models – GAME)?

Microsoft Research and the UN team up to build a computational model of ecosystems across the worldMicrosoft Research and UN scientists have teamed up to build the first general-purpose computer model of whole ecosystems across the entire world. The project was detailed in a recent Nature article titled “Ecosystems: Time to model all life on Earth,” which unfortunately requires a subscription.

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