2010 Africa Agriculture GIS Week – Navigating the Change

Navigating the change-Note to CSI Reps.docx
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Dear Colleagues,


With just over one month to go to the AAGW meeting, things are hotting up and our Logistics and Programme teams have been working hard to make things as smooth and productive as possible. One great piece of news is that Nadia Manning who so skillfully led the facilitation of our meeting last year is going to be with us again. Welcome back Nadia!


Thanks to a deal struck between Enrica and Nadia, we will not only be served by Nadia’s great facilitation skills at the meeting itself but, following some discussion amongst our program planning team, Nadia has taken the lead in putting together a set of background notes and guidelines both to better focus our AAGW deliberations, and to help us pull together some coherent follow-up and communication/outreach pieces we can draw from after the meeting.


I attach the Nadia’s notes and emphasize we think it’s important for the success and impact of the meeting that you adhere to them as closely as possible (especially re presentation guidelines) .


Let me know if you have any questions about this or any other aspect of the meeting.




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