[AAGW2010] Getting Closer. Please book flights!


Thanks to the energies of the organizing committee (see below) I’m happy to confirm significant progress on the arrangements for the Africa Agriculture GIS Week that doubles as our annual CSI meeting. I attach both the announcement of the conference as well as a call for presentations for the open interactive sessions of the conference, and urge you to visit the conference website at http://africaagriculturegisweek.org/ (and thanks to the Francesca and Enrica for setting this up).  We’re also delighted to note that EIS/GIS Africa have become partners in this effort.

As primary sponsors of the event we will retain the CSI and AGCommons sessions, so both the CGIAR centre-specific presentations and the QuickWin presentations are included in the program. Proposals for presentations at the open sessions are welcome from all, including CG centres and partners, but the first priority will be to attract the interest and engagement of young African students and professionals as well as other traditional CSI partners from UN organizations.

With regard to support for CSI representatives we believe we have sufficient funding in hand to cover all in country costs (transfers, accommodation, meals, conference logistical support ). We will continue to seek additional support but as things stand you will need to cover your own travel costs.

You will note from the agenda that there is a CSI Business meeting planned for the morning of 8th June. Please send me any items you would like included in the agenda for that meeting. One item will be the Atlas we discussed at the last meeting for which I’ve secured some modest funding (follow up email).

This promises to be a very exciting week, and a significant step towards creating and energizing a vibrant GIS community committed to helping transform agriculture in Africa. Please make sure you’re part of the action!



AAGW Organizing Committee: Sives Govender, Jubal Harpster, Glenn Hyman, Laban MacOpiyo, Francesca Pelloni, Enrica Porcari, Pierre Sibiry Traore, Stanley Wood

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