CRU-TS v3.10.01 Historic Climate Database for GIS

Rainfall of July 2009, retrieved from the CRU-TS v3.10.01 (red: low, blue: high)

In July 2012, UEA issued a patch on the PRE variable (precipitation) of the v3.10, noting: “A systematic error was discovered in the CRUTS v3.10 process generating the precipitation, wet days and frost frequency data files. New precipitation data files (version 3.10.01) have been generated and are now available in the archive.” The PRE rater layers in the [Download] has been updated accordingly.


In January 2010, the University of East Anglia officially released the CRU-TS 3.0 Climate Database (See the official data release at This new version of database covers from 1901 to 2006*, globally at 0.5 degree spatial resolution on land areas. To help facilitate the use of this database in the CSI community using GIS software, we have converted the raw data into the ESRI ASCII raster format.



The database contains following nine variables. Each variable was scaled by the factor described in the table to store as integer.

Label Variable Unit Scaling Factor
cld cloud cover % 10
dtr diurnal temperature range degree Celcius 10
frs frost day frequency days 100
pre precipitation mm 10
tmp daily mean temperature degree Celcius 10
tmn monthly average daily minimum temperature degree Celcius 10
tmx monthly average daily maximum temperature degree Celcius 10
vap vapour pressure hecta-Pascals 10
wet wet day frequency days 100
Download from the HarvestChoice Dropbox
This work was supported by the Integrated Pest Management Collaborative Research Support Program (IPM CRSP), an initiative of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).