Welcome to the totally revamped HarvestChoice website!

The HarvestChoice mission has not fundamentally changed since its inception, but our old website needed a makeover. Not only did we reach a data bottleneck within the old site, but a radical restructuring was necessary to better reach our primary audiences; development, investment and policy practitioners. We envisioned a fundamentally new Web Portal that emphasizes more rapid access to data and information tools to support agriculture policy and investment decision making in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA).

Naturally, this wasn't merely a cosmetic procedure, although we think the new website is indeed easier on the eyes and better structured with greater partitioning and packaging of content. With this new portal decision-makers, analysts and other professionals can more easily tap into the full range of HarvestChoice products to discover, query, and download data on farming systems, farm households, rural infrastructure and markets in SSA and, increasingly, explore the effects of future change.

But we've made more than just a data and analytical warehouse. The new website hosts a growing suite of dynamic and user-friendly data-query tools designed by HarvestChoice to extract information from multiple, sub-national data layers at user-selected locations throughout SSA. We encourage you to explore our online library of maps, datasets, working papers and other publications, spatial and economic model analytical outputs, and data-query tools to suit your own policy, investment and research questions. And since this is a user-oriented site, we rely on your feedback to guide how we continue to improve!


HarvestChoice's redesigned website offering easy access to data, tools, publications, and analyses.

Getting Started

The HarvestChoice Homepage is where you gain your bearing and a sense of our mission at HarvestChoice. From here you can window shop our rotating flash stories in Highlights and Features or, if you are new to HarvestChoice, get acquainted with us.

The tabs across the top of the homepage serve as your navigational guide for the website’s main course of subjects: Data, Publications, Maps, Tools, Topics, Regions and Commodities. Faceted navigation enables you to narrow or expand search results based on a topic’s attributes. Browse maize within Commodities, for example, and you will find a table of links to further explore maize in other contexts within the website (e.g., Publications, Tools). Utilize the site’s Search Engine to narrow or expand your search by selecting filters within your topic of interest. Don’t forget to check out HarvestChoice Voice and HarvestChoice Labs where we discuss our work and invite you into the conversation.

As you navigate away from Homepage, use the header at the top of the website as a guide and click your way through each tab to:

Exercise your Voice

HarvestChoice Voice is where our numbers, maps and analyses get translated into informed policy and investment perspectives. Here we bring our unique knowledge to bear on the critical research and development issues: How do we increase agricultural productivity? What technologies and practices offer the most promise at scale for different farmers, production systems and locales? How should we weigh the costs and benefits of various investment options? We hope you'll be inclined to chime in and add your Voice to ours. To keep up with the latest Voice activity, subscribe to the Voice RSS feed.

Join the Experiment

HarvestChoice Labs is your constantly updated window into our work; a place for us to blog about new maps and data, pose questions we're thinking about, and post interesting or provocative work from our colleagues around the globe.

And it's your place to offer questions, answers and observations that keep the conversation going. To keep up with the latest Labs activity, subscribe to the Labs RSS feed.

Harvest Data

Access hundreds of data sets and maps.

Download datasets, summarize agricultural and household indicators by region, domain, or commodity, explore data maps of sub-Saharan Africa, or extract and map data using our suite of online tools.

(See Data, Maps, Tools, MAPPR, Labs)

Read on

Browse and search through dozens of HarvestChoice publications.

Access hundreds of publications authored by HarvestChoice team members and partners or compile summarized information about the topics, regions and commodities in sub-Saharan Africa that HarvestChoice prioritizes.


We thrive on feedback. It’s the best way for us to get to know what’s working and what’s not. What needs attention. What we should expand, cut back, explain better, or just leave alone! There are many places throughout the site to tell us what you think.

Explore and Create

Explore data, apply tools, and create intervention-oriented maps that best address your own policy and investment questions. HarvestChoice tools drill through and extract information from multiple fine-resolution data layers selected by the user (each layer containing ~250,000 10km x 10km grid cells covering the SSA region).

Create your own maps and explore spatial layers using MAPPR.

By selecting demographic, market access and crop production layers, for example, users can tabulate population, travel time to markets, and crop area attributes of any location or geographical area they specify.

(See MAPPR, Crop Reporter, Domain Reporter, and our Region and Commodity Dashboards)

Behind the Scenes

Looking to get to know us better? Find out what we are all about through the list of About links located at the bottom of the website. Get acquainted with our people, ongoing media and event spotlights, our mission statement, who we partner with, and where we get our support.  The community of people involved in HarvestChoice reflects a diverse mixture of backgrounds and specialties. See the faces of HarvestChoice and find out more about the experience and expertise of Our People. Finally, follow our busy schedule of partner engagement and outreach activity through our Project Log.


We at HarvestChoice would like to thank the great minds at Forum One and SpatialDev for the development of this website. Without their collaborative spirit and cutting edge expertise, this bold endeavor would have been mission impossible.