Dec 13, 2013 - Dec 14, 2013

Philip Pardey participates in Per Pinstrup-Andersen's Festschrift at Cornell University as a paper discussant and paper co-author. Julian Alston presents the co-authored paper titled "Agricultural R&D, Food Prices, Poverty and Malnutrition Redux."

Dec 4, 2013

Terry Hurley, Jason Beddow and Philip Pardey give a joint presentation on the theme "New Perspectives on Sustaining Agricultural Productivity Growth" at the CHS New Leaders Forum in Minneapolis.


Nov 24, 2013

Philip Pardey presents “U.S. and Global Agricultural Research: Evaluation and Future Needs” to The Private and Public, Scientific, Academic and Consumer Food Policy (PAPSAC) Group, at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Boston MA.

Nov 22, 2013

Philip Pardey, an Advisory Board member, participates in the Genome Prairie Canadian Triticum Advancement through Genomics (CTAG) Annual General Meeting in Saskatoon.

Nov 21, 2013

Philip Pardey presents “The Changing Global Landscape of Agricultural Innovation: Implications for Sustainable Productivity Growth and Food Security” as the invited speaker at the 2013 Bentley Lecture, University of Alberta.

Nov 11, 2013 - Nov 15, 2013

Connie Chan-Kang visits UMN to work with Philip Pardey on a) HC-InSTePP data storage and access protocols, b) drafting of several HC-InSTePP R&D investment briefs (joint with Steve Dehmer), and c) preparation of figures and tables for two working papers.


Oct 29, 2013

B.M. Prasanna, Director of CIMMYT’s Global Maize program, visits with Philip Pardey, Terry Hurley, Jason Beddow and Ian Luby to share information on their respective current and future research interests. While visiting UMN, Prasanna presented a seminar “Challenges and Solutions to Increasing the Productivity and Sustainability of Maize-based Systems throughout the Developing World.”

Oct 26, 2013 - Nov 10, 2013

Alison Bittinger and Xudong Rao travel to Bukoba, Tanzania to conduct field visits from Oct 28-31; Nairobi, Kenya to conduct field visits, train enumerators and work in BecA-ILRI (the Bioscience eastern and central Africa – International Livestock Research Institute) lab from Nov 1-6; Pretoria, South Africa work with University of Pretoria colleagues from Nov 7-9. The purpose of this trip is to document and review the data capturing and processing protocols being deployed by the Capacity and Action for Aflatoxin Reduction in Eastern African (CAAREA) project that is currently ongoing in Kenya and Tanzania. HarvestChoice-UMN is collaborating with BecA and CSIRO on a farm survey and risk assessment component of that project.

Oct 24, 2013 - Oct 25, 2013

HarvestChoice-UMN hosts Geraldo Martha, Coordinator-General, Agropensa, Embrapa, to discuss details of prospective HC-InSTePP - Embrapa/Agropensa research collaboration.

Oct 14, 2013 - Oct 18, 2013

Jason Beddow visits IFPRI to facilitate in-person and Skype meetings among contributors to the HarvestChoice Crop Constraints Flagship report (including Carlo Azzarri, Jawoo Koo, Joe Guo, Terrance Hurley, Ian Luby, Philip Pardey, Ulrike Wood-Sichra and others). The week ended with briefings to project co-PIs Philip Pardey and Mark Rosegrant.

Oct 8, 2013

Jason Beddow and Philip Pardey participate in the Chicago Council on Global Affairs Business Unusual roundtable held in Boston, MA


Sep 30, 2013 - Oct 3, 2013

Tania Yonow and Darren Kriticos visit UMN to work with HarvestChoice-UMN team on crop-pest modelling research.

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