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Sebastian, Kate
International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)
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Washington DC



  • Administrative Boundaries, by Kate Sebastian
  • Statistical Groupings, by Stanley Wood and Kate Sebastian
  • Public Agriculture R&D Investments, by Gert-Jan Stads, Nienke Beintema and Kathleen Flaherty
  • Africa's Agricultural Research Pool, by Nienke Beintema, Gert-Jan Stads and Kathleen Flaherty
  • CGIAR Research Program on Dryland Systems, by Chandrashekhar Biradar
  • Farming Systems of Africa, by Christopher Auricht, John Dixon, Jean-Marc Boffa and Dennis Garrity
  • Cropland and Pastureland, by Navin Ramankutty
  • Irrigated Areas, by Stefan Siebert and Karen Frenken
  • Cereal Crops, by Ulrike Wood-Sichra
  • Root Crops, by Ulrike Wood-Sichra
  • Livestock and Mixed Crop-Livestock Systems, by Philip Thornton
  • Ruminant Livestock, by Timothy Robinson, William Wint, Giulia Conchedda, Guiseppina Cinardi, and Marius Gilbert
  • Cropping Intensity, by Stefan Siebert, Petra Döll, and Felix T. Portmann
  • Land Productivity for Staple Food Crops, by Ulrike Wood-Sichra and Stanley Wood
  • Agroecological Zones, by Kate Sebastian
  • Climate Zones for Crop Management, by Lieven Claessens and Justin Van Wart
  • Rainfall and Rainfall Variability, by Philip Thornton
  • Soil Fertility, by Cindy Cox and Jawoo Koo
  • Effects of Rainfall Variability on Maize Yields, by Jawoo Koo and Cindy Cox
  • Blue and Green Virtual Water Flows, by Stefan Siebert and Petra Döll
  • Blue and Green Water Use by Irrigated Crops, by Stefan Siebert and Petra Döll
  • Rainfall Data Comparison, by Jawoo Koo and Cindy Cox
  • Influence of Aridity on Vegetation, by Antonio Trabucco and Robert Zomer
  • Impacts of Climate Change on Length of Growing Period, by Philip Thornton
  • Maize Yield Potential, by Jawoo Koo
  • Wheat Stem Rust Vulnerability, by Yuan Chai and Jason Beddow
  • Benefits of Trypanosomosis Control in the Horn of Africa, by Timothy Robinson, Giuliano Cecchi, William Wint, Raffaele Mattioli, and Alexandra Shaw
  • Market Access, by Zhe Guo and Cindy Cox
  • Accessing Local Markets: Marketsheds, by Zhe Guo and Cindy Cox
  • Accessing International Markets: Ports and Portsheds, by Zhe Guo
  • Severity of Hunger, by Klaus von Grebmer, Tolulope Olofinbiyi, Doris Wiesmann, Heidi Fritschel, Sandra Yin and Yisehac Yohannes
  • Poverty, by Carlo Azzarri
  • Early Childhood Nutrition and Health, by Carlo Azzarri


(2014) "Atlas of African Agriculture Research & Development: Revealing Agriculture's Place in Africa," International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI).

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Primary Contact: Kate Sebastian
Geographic Coverage: West Africa, East & Central Africa, Southern Africa
Keywords: Africa, Agricultural Productivity, Agricultural Research, Agricultural Statistics, Agro-ecological Zones (AEZ), Climate Change, Crop Area, Crop Production, Crop Yields, Farming Systems, Food Security, Grazing Lands, Growing Seasons, Hunger, Irrigation, Land Productivity, Land Resources, Livestock Diseases, Livestock Production, Maize, Malnutrition, Maps, Market Access, Pests, Ports, Poverty, Rainfall, Research Investment, Rusts, Soil Fertility, Soils, Stem Rust, Water Resources