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Beddow, Jason M.; Hurley, Terry M.; Kriticos, Darren J.; Pardey, Philip G.
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April 10, 2013
HarvestChoice Technical Note


This technical note describes the methods and data sources used to generate the results
reported in Pardey et al. (2013). It includes details on a) the climate suitability model for
Puccinia graminis, the causal agent for wheat stem rust 1, b) the source of geo-referenced wheat area, production and yield data used in this study, c) the methods we used to develop
probabilistic estimates of the global losses attributable to stem rust in a counterfactual 1961-2009 world where irrigated and high-input wheat areas were sown to rust susceptible wheat varieties, and d) the method we used to calculate the economically justifiable amount to spend on stem rust research given the counterfactual losses that were estimated to occur since 1961if the world’s wheat crop was susceptible to this pathogen.


Supplementary materials for: Right-Sizing Stem Rust Research by P.G. Pardey, J.M. Beddow, D.J. Kriticos, T.M. Hurley, R.F. Park, E. Duveiller, R.W. Sutherst, J.J. Burdon and D. Hodson. Science, v.340, no.6129, April 14, 2013, pages 147-148.


Beddow, Jason M.; Hurley, Terry M.; Kriticos, Darren J.; Pardey, Philip G. (2013) "Measuring the Global Occurrence and Probabilistic Consequences of Wheat Stem Rust," HarvestChoice Technical Note, HarvestChoice.

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Primary Contact: Jason Beddow
Keywords: Agricultural Productivity, Agricultural Research, Agricultural Research Investment, Cereals, CLIMEX, Crop Diseases, Crop Production, Crop Yields, Stem Rust, UG99, Wheat Production