One of the key sets of indicators from nationally representative household surveys is that related to per capita consumption of a wide range of food products.

For a selected region or district, the Sub-national Consumption Reporting Tool returns mean estimates of the quantity of food items consumed daily per capita. These estimates are derived from a set of nationally-representative household consumption surveys available for 13 countries in sub-Saharan Africa. Data is currently available for the years 1994-2000 (varying per country). For each selected geographic unit, a report shows estimated mean, standard error and number of sampled households for all available food items.

Per capita consumption values are reported as survey means aggregated by:

  • First sub-national administrative unit
  • Urban and rural household category
  • Household income (expenditure) tercile
  • Sex of head of household

All consumption values are reported on a per capita basis for all food items itemized in the individual survey documents of each country, with some attempt made to standardize names and definitions of food items across countries. This database allows us to draw detailed food security profiles at a finer resolution than typically available from World Bank, FAO and UNDP. Average daily food intake is also an important indicator of household welfare and the most significant indicator of poverty in sub-Saharan Africa.

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